Own a PREP!

PREP is a sophisticated hair salon for kids, tweens and teens from age 2-18 that opened in San Francisco in November 2012. In the three years, we have been open, PREP has become a successful, media-recognized business with over 5,000 clients and counting in the “least kid-friendly city in America,” according to The New York Times.

There is nothing like PREP anywhere in the country, which is why we are excited to bring our expansion plans to you! We spent over two years developing the concept and brand from 2011-2013, and spent another two years researching and developing and stress testing all aspects of the business so you don’t have to. Your PREP will be easy to start by using our comprehensive guidebook and recommendations for everything from retail space to how to hire the best staff to paint colors.

What could PREP mean for you?

  • PREP has filled a need in the marketplace, and created community around it at the same time. We were able to bring in over 2,000 new clients in the first year, and we are adding on to our current 5,000+ client database each day.

  • You can build and tailor your business to your community.

  • Your kids can be a part of seeing your business grow. Our four kids could not be more proud when they hear their friends and classmates talking about their time at PREP!

  • You can make this as big as you want-on your terms.

How are we different from other kid salons?

PREP is a high-end, sophisticated hair salon for kids age 2-18. We do not have toys and cars and primary colors, but rather an urban, upscale design and approach. Not all kids and parents are looking for a toy-filled experience and in fact, most tweens and teens run from this experience.

We started PREP because our kids were in the “in-between” years-not little kids and not yet adults. They needed their own space that understood they were growing up, and helped them understand how to take care of their hair and give them a great look.

Our original vision for PREP was to serve 6 – 18 year olds, as there are many salons for the under 5 age group. We had so many requests that we decided to make PREP available to those as young as 2 years old. Even the younger kids (and their parents) wanted a more sophisticated experience.

Is PREP a franchise?

Yes. But, we are expanding PREP in a new and different way. As entrepreneurial business people, we understand and appreciate your need to create your own experience tailored to your city and community’s needs. Los Angeles and San Francisco aren’t the same, or even Venice Beach and Pacific Heights. These are vibrant, amazing communities that don’t want cookie cutter. They want cutting edge, tailored just for them with sophistication.

Our guidebook will show you what we did from concept to opening day, including all the licenses you need to have, space leasing considerations, how to hire the best staff, paint colors we recommend and the best system to use for bookings, payroll and inventory. We give you all our learnings and links-we make this so easy for you, so that you can reap the rewards as fast as possible-all based on your ability to get people in the door.

It’s not hard. Most communities are in need of an alternative to the kiddy places and Supercuts or Great Clips. Or an alternative to having your own stylist cut your kid’s hair for an astronomical price. PREP is the answer. We can’t tell you how many parents have walked through our door and said “Thank you for finally opening a better place for my children to get their hair cut!”

Should I be a stylist to own a PREP?

Neither of us are stylists, but have business backgrounds in advertising and software sales. We used several national and local salon industry consultants to start PREP, including salon owners, salon product managers and top stylists in San Francisco. We still consult with all of them on a regular basis for questions and learnings, and also lean on our stylists for their knowledge.

It is amazing how much you learn about the industry very quickly!

How fast do you think I could open my PREP?

We would anticipate your opening would be 2-3 months after space is leased. It took us over two years to open the first PREP, but since we are giving you the PREP guidebook, your turnaround time should be minimal, and based mainly on how quickly you can find space and get your construction going.

What is my time requirement for running the business?

Your time commitment to PREP will be entirely up to you. Many of our hours at PREP are when our kids are in school from 8:30-3:00pm, but for the first year, we also committed to being there in the afternoons to meet new clients and tell our story of why we opened PREP. It made them feel comfortable with the new concept, and when you meet the owner of the business, you always feel better about it.

The great thing with PREP is that if you do need to spend time after school hours there, your kids can be with you! Our kids are able to do homework, help pop the popcorn, see their friends and just see how the business runs. We have made it a central meeting place for carpools and tutors, and our kids never have a problem being with us at PREP.

How long is a PREP commitment?

We envision a national rollout of PREP in every city in the U.S., and we want to see you be a part of it. Because we are giving you “the keys to the kingdom” with our guidebook and our trademark, we are asking for at least a five year commitment to the brand.

What do you get when you buy into PREP?

  • $150,000 worth of branding, legal and design work already done for you

  • PREP trademarked logo and concept

  • A comprehensive guidebook to opening your PREP, based on four years of R&D and stress testing the business.

  • Upfront and quarterly consultations with DGLLC

  • Already developed website with your own page on www.prepcuts.com

  • Our fantastic PREP products to sell (fees not included in initial price)

  • Access and training for booking/payroll/inventory system: www.booker.com (system fees not covered by PREP agreement)

  • All initial marketing materials: 10% off cards, info cards to give out, business card layouts, stickers (printing costs not covered by DGLLC)

Is it fun owning a PREP?

YES! We have had an amazing journey from concept to reality to expansion. We have met so many wonderful parents and kids and stylists, and have been able to bring something to our community that was desperately needed.

Our kids still tell us how “cool” they think it is that we own PREP. When their teammates and ballet classmates find out their mom owns PREP, it makes them feel like their moms are celebrities in their kid world!

It’s a fantastic journey that we hope you will take with us.

We look forward to meeting you!

Heidi and Jen

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