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Because we couldn’t find a place where kids could get a seriously good haircut that didn’t cost an arm & a leg, so we decided to do it ourselves. Heidi and Jen talk PREP!

Seeing is believing!

With a little luck and a lot of hard work, our dream became a reality, and PREP was born.
Check out what we did .  

Heidi Gregory

Before Prep After Prep

Style: One length, long, straight, and dark.

Song/Artist: Anything by Khalid. Childish Gambino and (always) Jay-Z or Kanye.

Tried it once, never again hair disaster: By the time I was 13, I was already 5’11” tall. (I outgrew my 5’8” dad in fifth grade!) Everything about me was awkward: I was really tall, had braces, and sported size 11 shoes. Worse, the only place we could buy shoes for me was through a mail order catalog called, “Tall Gals,” because none of the stores sold shoes that big for girls! So I was desperate to get a hairstyle that would make me look good, but the cut totally backfired. I walked out with a permed mullet and feathered bangs. See the picture? Enough said.


Jen Dolin Rinehart

Before Prep After Prep

Style: Super long and layered.

Song/Artist: Band of Horses. I’m also loving Empire of the Sun right now.

Tried it once, never again hair disaster: The summer when I was 13, my mother decided we should get matching haircuts. What? I almost swallowed my gum. I had long, brown hair. My mother’s hair was short, blond and permed. “No mom,” I gasped. “Please don’t do this!” But she ignored me and told her stylist to chop away. I wore a baseball cap all summer until school started and I had to get this photo taken. As I smiled for the camera, I silently swore never to have short permed hair again. P.S. My mom made me wear these clothes for the photo.


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