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Because we couldn’t find a place where kids could get a seriously good haircut that didn’t cost an arm & a leg, so we decided to do it ourselves. Heidi and Jen talk PREP!

Seeing is believing!

With a little luck and a lot of hard work, our dream became a reality, and PREP was born.
Check out what we did and let us know if YOUR community is ready for PREP. We are expanding and can make it easy for you! Email us at hello@prepcuts.com and let’s get your PREP up and running! 

Heidi Gregory

Before Prep After Prep

Style: One length, long, straight, and dark.

Song/Artist: Anything by Khalid. Chance the Rapper and (always) Jay-Z or Kanye.

Tried it once, never again hair disaster: By the time I was 13, I was already 5’11” tall. (I outgrew my 5’8” dad in fifth grade!) Everything about me was awkward: I was really tall, had braces, and sported size 11 shoes. Worse, the only place we could buy shoes for me was through a mail order catalog called, “Tall Gals,” because none of the stores sold shoes that big for girls! So I was desperate to get a hairstyle that would make me look good, but the cut totally backfired. I walked out with a permed mullet and feathered bangs. See the picture? Enough said.


Jen Dolin Rinehart

Before Prep After Prep

Style: Super long and layered.

Song/Artist: Band of Horses. I’m also loving Empire of the Sun right now.

Tried it once, never again hair disaster: The summer when I was 13, my mother decided we should get matching haircuts. What? I almost swallowed my gum. I had long, brown hair. My mother’s hair was short, blond and permed. “No mom,” I gasped. “Please don’t do this!” But she ignored me and told her stylist to chop away. I wore a baseball cap all summer until school started and I had to get this photo taken. As I smiled for the camera, I silently swore never to have short permed hair again. P.S. My mom made me wear these clothes for the photo.


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